concerts with the Groove doctors
When it comes to stage presence, the Groove Doctors bring it! We connect with the audience and get them moving and grooving. With our great repertoire of songs, we will play a variety of genres and styles, which appeals to a wide audience. Because we've played for hundreds of concerts, during the day and at night, we know how to manage the challenges of performing outdoors, including sound, lighting and stage set-up. We are passionate about music and this passion comes through in our performances and makes the audience connect with us on a deeper level. The Groove Doctors are a perfect band for outdoor concerts because we have all the necessary ingredients to put on a great show. We have the talent, the experience, and the passion to make performances memorable for the audience.
"Thank you so much for playing the Los Gatos Food Fest. The Groove Doctors were a great addition to the series and the crowd absolutely loved you guys. The night you played was our biggest turn out. Please came, and wanted to stay until the very last song. Two months later, I still have customers commenting on the stellar performance the Groove Doctors gave."

Katie McLoughlin | Los Gatos Food Fest/The Stanley Group/La Hacienda